4th of July Castaway Challenge

If you’ve been in Sheboygan for the 4th of July, there is a good chance you’ve seen the cardboard boat races on the Riverfront. You’ve seen the fabulous sinkings, the amazing designs, and those that have built boats on site with kits. With a new name and new twist, The Castaway Challenge encourages teams to use recycled materials, whether it's cardboard, Styrofoam, etc., and their imagination to build a boat to race in this Sheboygan tradition.  Details and Registration Info - CLICK HERE

Brotz Regatta

The Brotz Regatta is held annually in the last weekend of August, bringing Lightning sailors from the Midwest and the Country to Sheboygan for a weekend of Lightning Sailing. This regatta typically fields 12-18 teams and has been won by competitors such as Matt Burridge (2 time North American Champion), Dan Moriarty (World champion, 2 time North American Champion), and Todd Wake (North American Champion and SYC member). Aside from the sailing, the Brotz regatta boasts some of the best camaraderie in sailing; this is a fun event for club and community members alike.

Rochelle Pennington Presentation

Rochelle Pennington delivers captivating presentations that highlight pieces of local history that you won’t want to miss. Bring your family and friends to learn the story of the ill-fated voyage of one of the Midwest’s most beloved schooners, The Rouse Simmons (aka the Christmas Tree Ship), and the infamous tale of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. 

Winter Education Series

SEAS offers workshops and talks to help you maintain your boat and learn more about sailing while having some fun. The series covers topics such as knot tying, splicing, winch maintenance, and crew school. 


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