Building a new community on our lake

The Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating affordable pathways for the community to safely enjoy boating on Lake Michigan. We have worked hard to develop an international reach into the boating community, which allows us to bring quality programs, boats, people and knowledge to the Sheboygan Lakefront. We provide educational programming and access to boats while removing barriers to participation created by financial, physical, or cognitive needs.

Education is the foundation of our organization. Our classes teach safe handling of power and sail boats utilizing US Sailing’s national standards. In the cold winter months we present on topics such as local maritime history, water safety, the marine industry, marine preservation and teach traditional maritime skills. We partner with other lakefront organizations to build a community passionate about Lake Michigan.

SEAS strives to maximize the impact of our donors’ dollars by expanding awareness, training and opportunities in marine and conservation activities through education and outreach. We provide financial assistance to our non-profit partners in order to continue the advancement of boating facilities on our beautiful lakefront.

We look forward to a community of boaters enjoying our greatest local asset, Lake Michigan!

Our Promise

WE BELIEVE that water related activities are fun, build character, develop mental and physical acuity and should be enjoyed by everyone.

To those who share this belief, WE PROMISE to invest our time, treasure, and talents into research, education, and other initiatives to help provide access, training, and education to anyone who is interested-- including those with physical, mental, or financial needs.