SEAS offers workshops and seminars on various boating related skills and techniques.


A good sailor can tie many knots, including those that are purely decorative. In this workshop, we'll go over a wide variety of useful knots for sailing and onshore activities alike. We typically end this workshop with a more complex, decorative knot like a Monkey's Fist or Turk's Head that can be made into a keychain or ornament to bring home!


In this workshop, you'll learn a variety of different splicing techniques on several different types of line. We’ll go over proper whipping and seizing procedures, how to make an eye splice in 3-strand line (dockline/anchor lines), double-braid line (many halyards and sheets) or 12-strand line (high-tech lifelines, control lines, sheets).  This is a useful skill for those who sail any type of boat at any level!

Crew School

SEAS works with some of Sheboygan’s most experienced skippers to put on a Crew School for people looking to gain more basic sailing knowledge in order to be a valuable crew member. Over the course of five weeks, a variety of skippers teach classes and workshops on topics like sail trim, basic sailing terminology, safety, sail care and how to work effectively as a team on the race course. The final evening is a party to provide an opportunity for skippers at SYC to find enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew members for the upcoming racing season!

Winch and Block Maintenance

Learn how to fix that annoying squeaky block or the winch that doesn’t work quite right. In this workshop, the SEAS Team will show you how to take apart your winch (and put it back together!) to keep it in good shape each year, along with how to properly maintain the other small moving parts on your boat. Maintaining the equipment on your boat will both improve its performance and extend its life, saving you seconds on the race course and keeping money in your pocket.

Basic Weather Patterns

Have you ever wondered how weather works beyond just watching the Weather Channel or checking an App? This course will give you a foundation to build your weather acumen, you will learn how to interpret weather maps, where to find alerts, and begin to learn about local weather phenomenon to better prepare you for a safe and fun time out on the water.

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