We're working to make sure that everyone can sail, regardless of physical ability.


Here at SEAS, we are proud to provide sailing and racing opportunities for those in Sheboygan and the surrounding communities who have a wide variety of physical or cognitive impairments.

 Our goal is to assist our disabled sailors in growing confidence and a sense of freedom through empowering experiences on the water, enabling a strong sense of self that they can carry with them to their daily lives. This is a unique opportunity for the sailors who come through our program to take charge of a boat on their own or in a group of friends and family.

Our Adaptive Sailing program is based on this goal, and we take it seriously. While we continue to grow our program's ability to accommodate all needs, we must evaluate prospective students on an individual basis to determine our ability to provide a safe and fun learning environment. If you are accepted into our Adaptive Sailing program, there is no additional fee for instruction once you become a SEAS Member.


Most of our adaptive sailing lessons are conducted on Sonar sailboats, which have become a popular adaptive sailing class worldwide. A 23 foot long keelboat, Sonars are known for their spacious, open cockpit. Designed by Bruce Kirby, who also designed the extremely popular Laser dinghy, these boats are recognized for being stable and durable. In addition to being suitable for beginners, our Sonars are also raced competitively in both open and disabled championships, including fleet and match racing.


We offer instruction on both an individual basis and to groups both small and large. Our instructors have a wide range of experience with disabled sailors and are US Sailing Certified instructors. Because our boats can be adapted to accommodate a variety of physical impairments, our staff is able to work with individuals to achieve their dreams whenever possible. Learn more about our most advanced adaptive sailing equipment in ‘Sailing with ALS’.

In the case of inclement weather, we have the facilities and experience to coordinate on-land activities for groups of any size and can prepare individuals to enhance their time and opportunity on the water.

If you are interested in becoming a student please contact our Adaptive Coordinator: juju@seasheboygan.org