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Let the Bidding Continue for naming the rooms at our new facility!
The bidding opened at our Open House and we decided to let everyone have a chance to put their name on the wall by naming one of our rooms.



Meeting Loft - Mark & Barb Quasius - $300
Classroom - Eric Zufelt - $1000
SEAS Workshop - Joe & Cindy Leitner - $400
Sea Scouts Workshop - Kathy Wessel - $500
Woodshop - Suzanne Baumann - $400
Sail Room - Jeanette & Don Wierzbach - $250
Sail Loft - Joe & Cindy Leitner - $500
Boat Storage - Courtney & Adam Heronymus - $500
Bathroom 1 - Tre & Cathy Waldren - $100
Bathroom 2 - Leslie Kohler - $1000
Shower Room - Gail Turlock - $250

Table saw - Tim Ebenreiter - $300
Drill Press - OPEN - $100
Jointer - Erik Jensen - $200
Planer - J. Zimmer - $200
Dust Collector - Audrey & Phil Waitkus - $200


Bidding closed Friday, July 13 at 5pm. Invoices will be sent to the top bidders.




Our success is made possible thanks to our generous donors!


What do your dollars support?

All of your donations go directly to our programming. With our commitment to no barriers for anyone who wants to go boating, that includes financial barriers. Our efforts with adaptive sailing and working with high schools in STEM education brings so many people to the lakefront that may not have had the chance. As we look to expand our programming in our new facility to boat building projects and so much more, we will be able to reach a broader group and introduce them to different areas of boating.

What we do affects people in different ways. Here's what one of our staff members has to say about what we do:

" I grew up boating and always loved it.  Never did I think I would work for an organization involved in boating though (despite growing up on lakes, never learned to operate a boat).  I’m so glad that changed. What I found after being here a few months was the passion everyone had for what we could accomplish. That passion grew in me as well. I remember going out for my first adaptive outing and feeling the excitement for the individual getting to sail again for the first time. It gave me goosebumps. With the pure joy that I was feeling, just imagine what the person actually sailing was feeling. 
WOW! What an impact we make in their lives!"

If you haven't watch the videos of our adaptive sailors, take a moment HERE

"SEAS provides a wonderful and fantastic opportunity for all people, but especially for ALS patients like myself. In dealing with a disease where the only sure thing is constant loss of function it's imperative to grasp onto positive touchstones along the way. My experience at SEAS has provided me once again with a chance to leave my wheelchair at the dock.
I'm still grinning a week later!"

~John Jaeckel~


SEAS is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your contributions are recognized and are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by the United States Tax Code, in addition to being greatly appreciated.

Thank you for supporting the SEAS mission. Please note if you would like your donation to go to a specific program of SEAS.