Gather your recycled materials and a few friends. Find your inner creativeness and accept the Castaway Challenge to build a boat to race this 4th of July.  

Sail the 7 SEAS
Design your boat around your favorite vacation spot.


  • Open - pre-build your boat and have it ready to race on July 4. $25 per boat

  • Drifter - build a boat on July 4 with a provided kit. $30 per team

  • US Coast Guard Challenge - The USCG will be racing kayaks or paddleboards.  Sign up to race against them - 2 person relay. Details are still being finalized. $20 per team

Registration deadline is June 22.

REGISTRATION FORM - must be completed and emailed to or mailed to SEAS, 630 Riverfront Dr., Ste 200, Sheboygan WI 53801


WAIVER FORM - all participants must sign a waiver. NO exceptions.

With one of our goals being marine preservation, the name Castaway Challenge fits with SEAS and the tradition of building a boat that just may sink.  Although you are not being marooned on a desert island, you may have to be saved.  We've reviewed the guidelines and made a  few changes that will hopefully spark your competitiveness and boat building adventure.

  1. In addition to the list of traditional materials provided but recycled vs buying new, you are encouraged to find other recyclable materials to use.

  2. If you make it past the first buoy, you will be allowed to swim to the finish, but your whole crew and your boat must make it across the finish line.

  3. See Rules & Guidelines for all the details.

Challenge your friends and co-workers to build as well.  A little friendly competition is great!