• Sailing Education Association of Sheboyg (map)
  • 1837 Superior Ave
  • Sheboygan

Join us for this information packed four-hour course, which will enable you to understand the concept of contemporary small boat design and building methods. Your instructor will describe the history of small craft development and use starting in the late 1800’s. He will cover the evolution of building methods ranging from traditional plank on frame to contemporary. Topics covered will include small craft types, uses, methods of construction including kits, plans, building jigs, framing, planking, fastening, strengthening, covering and finishing.

In addition, you will learn about wood types, hardware, spars and cosmetic finish options. You will have the opportunity to do some hands-on work during the course. This is an excellent follow up to the morning course “The Use and Applications of Epoxy and Modern Boat Building Materials.” Make a day of it and get inspired to take a SEAS boat building course or strike out on your own and build at home.

Instructor- SEAS lead boat building instructor Howard Rice.

Time- 1pm – 5pm

Location SEAS Boat Shop

Cost- $25 per person