"You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes.

You can steer yourself and direction you choose."


And Oh, the place you can go!  We all have brains,  we all have feet.  We certainly all have dreams...including the ones that we thought would never come true.  If learning to sail is one of those dreams that you thought unattainable, you're in luck!  We are working to make that dream come true for every boy and girl ages 8-80.  SEAS has launched a Community Boating program that teaches all skill levels, including the clueless how to sail.  We have skilled instructors, certified by US Sailing®, that present all of the fundamentals in sailing.  So, whether you like the security of calm waters or the thrill of more challenging waves, we have something for you.  What's even better--we provide boat rentals for you to hone your newly developed skills!  Visit our Community Boating page to learn more.  Choose your course, steer yourself and never stop dreaming!  See you on the water!