SHEBOYGAN, WI (WHBL) - The City of Sheboygan is now playing the waiting game regarding what to do with the Sheboygan Armory.   The city's common council could not act on a proposed plan this week to have the Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan demolish the Sheboygan Armory after a 90 day hold was put in place last week to have the structure be considered a “preferred preserved significant building”.

Planning and Development Director Chad Pelishek says the council has taken steps to wait out the hold.  "They’re going to try to move forward with the SEAS proposal because that’s the only proposal we have on the table right now," says Pelishek.

Pelishek says the city will accept new proposals for the building and land during the hold period, but they must be done properly.  "They’re going to have to come in and follow the same requirements that were outlined in the requests for proposals that went out in January of 2014," says Pelishek.

The common council will have the final say - once the hold ends April 15 - on whether or not to allow demolition so SEAS can construct a new building or go with a different plan.