wire In the summer of 2015, S.E.A.S. in collaboration with Harken Inc. and Steven Heronemus, made an important advancement in adaptive sailing. Using touch pad technology to trim a Harken powered winch and a bite switch linked to an autopilot, the team developed a means by which a quadriplegic sailor could sail again.


Ten years ago, Steven Heronemus was diagnosed with ALS and slowly lost the use of his arms and legs. With only the slight ability to use his left middle finger and his right shoulder, Steven was able to steer and trim a SONAR. In this test video, Rich Reichelsdorfer of S.E.A.S. steers the SONAR in a variety of wind conditions tacking and gybing over a period of 30 minutes. This was done to prepare the boat for a 16 mile sail by Heronemus.

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