Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan (SEAS), Above & Beyond Children’s Museum and other sailing affiliated organizations have collaborated to bring sailing to visitors of Above & Beyond Children’s Museum. A small sailing dinghy was recently installed in the “Port of Sheboygan” on the third floor of the museum in downtown Sheboygan. The boat was installed on Monday, May 9 and is ready for sailing. Kids will be able to steer the boat by operating the mast and the rudder. Sheboygan has a long history of sailing back to 1795, as European fur traders came to sell their goods. Informative display boards bring a bit of history and sailing education to the exhibit including how a sail works, knot tying, anatomy of a sailboat, and more.

A contest will be held for kids at Above & Beyond to name the boat. You can enter your ideas along with your contact info at the museum by the sail boat docked in the “Port of Sheboygan” on the third floor of the museum or online HERE. The sail boat will be named and christened at a ceremony on June 23 at 5:30 pm.  The winner will be notified and invited to the christening.