Summer’s coming! Let’s get paddling!

Creativeness. Design. Teams. Competitiveness.

What do these have in common?  The Castaway Challenge.

What’s a better way to spend the 4th of July than on the Sheboygan Riverfront and Lakefront.

We understand everyone has more and more on their schedule making it difficult to fit everything in. However, we all need some FUN time. The 4th of July Castaway Challenge is a great way to bring your friends/groups together while having an awesome time!

Many years ago, companies and organizations participated and challenged each other in the 4th of July boat races. As life changes so did the participation as it has tapered off for the pre-built boats.

Our goal this year is to diversify community involvement again and experience the excitement of the event. Use materials you may already have, build team spirit and create a boat to represent your company or organization in this year’s Castaway Challenge. You can have different teams to race or groups work on various parts of the build (design, decorating and rowing) or challenge another organization to race against. Your design or your paddling skills don’t have to be pretty, because it’s about the fun! And Best Sinking has its own Award! 

Good news! This year the US Coast Guard is issuing a community challenge to participate in a paddleboard or kayak race to bring new life to this event. We welcome teams to challenge the USCG. Details coming soon.

This year's theme:

Design you boat around your favorite vacation spot.