SEAS is proud to announce we will be hosting the 2018 SCAMP Camp group boat build June 11-22 at our new facility. We are very pleased to partner up with sailor, boat builder and educator Howard Rice who will lead the build at our new SEAS facility.

This is an exciting development for SEAS as it directly fits into our public outreach and education mission. Our facility is for everyone and we invite our members, friends and the public to stop in to visit during the build. Visitors will be able to experience a fascinating wood boat build in process first hand.  The build is open to the public between June 9th and June 22nd. Young sailors and students in particular are welcome to stop in.

Set up for the build will begin the weekend of June 9th with the construction and truing of the build strong backs. The public is welcome for the set-up process as it is an integral and educational part of any boat build. The actual build begins Monday morning June 11th at 8am and runs Monday through Friday for ten working days.

Howard and his voyaging SCAMP Southern Cross were with us in April for presentations about his recent voyage down the Strait of Magellan and the Beagle Channel in one of these capable pocket sized yachts that he built specifically for the trip. Howard will be back in Sheboygan for the build with Southern Cross, which will be on the water and sailing as a demonstration of how capable this type of micro or pocket yacht can be.

Hundreds of sailors world wide have figured out there is something special about this little pocket yacht named SCAMP, and with Howard SEAS offers this exclusive opportunity to partially build one with instruction and fellow builders with willing hands. There are few better ways to learn boat building skills than through actually building a boat with a knowledgeable boat builder/instructor at your side. There are sign up options to either build your own SCAMP during the Camp or simply join in the build a to learn boat building skills so you can build your own or another small boat in the future.

If you dream of sailing over the horizon in a tiny boat, would like to engage in fun racing, or if a lazy sail up a calm river suits your tastes, then SCAMP may be an ideal small boat for you. We had the opportunity to spend time around Howard’s SCAMP Southern Cross in April and were very impressed.

SCAMP’s are fun to build, an act of creative expression, easy to handle by one person, can carry an amazing  load, are nimble, fun to sail and about as unique as can be in a world of cookie cutter boats. The real fun in the concept is that SCAMP was designed as sleep aboard coastal camping and beach cruiser or as some refer to the type, a pocket yacht. SCAMP is also a US Sailing registered one design class.

This 11th SCAMP Camp is a group boat build that is both highly instructive, very productive and just as important is a huge amount of fun. At the end of Camp participants will have a highly accurate hull ready to finish and fit out.

Two new builds have been confirmed and booked for this session. Other SCAMP’s under construction will also be at the build making for an interesting and educational opportunity. Each day Howard will facilitate and instruct the build and will offer a small craft specific chalk talk covering any small boat use topic the class wishes to discuss ranging from living aboard to sail trim.

We are are pleased to announce that Howard has offered a full tuition scholarship to one lucky student to be selected by SEAS. This scholarship will be made available to one lucky Sheboygan student who will then be able to take part in the build as a full participant. What an opportunity!

Scholarship rules and deadlines will be made available shortly!

For further information on SCAMP Camp and small boat adventuring please visit or contact SEAS at


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